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Can you spit?   Carpet // jacquard woven in wool and cotton // 50" x 39" 

Striped Knots   Carpet, jacquard woven in wool and cotton // 71" x 41.5" 


Flowers   Carpet, jacquard woven in wool and cotton // 69" x 40"

What does spit mean?

Can you spit on anyone you like?

     The most important part of my body is my buttocks. My breeches keep reminding me of them because they contain them and are so tight that I can't forget about them. We constitute a regiment of buttocks.

Funeral Rites, Jean Genet

Three Knots   Carpet, jacquard woven in wool and cotton // 73" x 42" 

          But they did not particularly want to screw her. Rather, they were playing with her as with a docile animal, and in their play, in order to complete it, they placed on her head the wreath of glass beads which the tall one pushed down with a tap of his fist, while his friend, with another tap, knocked it down over her ear, where it remained until that evening, at the cocky angle at which militiamen and sailors sometimes wear their berets, pimps their caps, and Fritzes their black forage caps.


Funeral Rites 



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